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CMK Tech LLC is the leader in Smart Phone Mobile Alcohol Testing & Monitoring. The iBAC Smart Phone Breathalyzer is the smallest, most accurate pocket sized breathalyzer with world wide patents. Using state of the art fuel cell technology, GPS locating and positive photo identification, iBAC can monitor offenders in real time. Testing is initiated by the monitors via scheduled text messaging sent on a random or set time periods for results within seconds on any web accessible device, i.e., desktop, laptop, notebook or smart phone.

Delicate Design

iBAC is the worlds first extremely accurate alcometer designed for your pocket. It easily connects to your smartphone via the iBAC app that logs the results over the internet.
Due to new innovative fuel cell technology the iBAC alcometer is both totally accurate and mini sized.

Design Features

  • Extremely small – fits on the keychain.
  • Beautiful and durable aluminium cover
  • Intuitive LED guide

User Friendly

iBAC is very simple to use and is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and once the test is finished the result is displayed in the phone. The result can then be sent to database for display in web applications.

A Few steps to result

  1. Start the iBAC unit
  2. Start the smart phone app
  3. Follow the app instructions

High-end technology

Alcosystems engineers has managed to challenge the convention of very high accuracy vs small size. iBAC is clearly the smallest breathalyzer on the market in its accuracy class – one ninth to one fifth of the competition.

The patented iBAC core – an interplay between hardware and software that enables accuracy in small form factor devices.

Technical features

  • Patented fuel cell technology.
  • Smart phone enabled via bluetooth.
  • Premium services via apps.
iBAC Fashion

Technical Specification


  • Compatible with Andoid 2.3.3 and later
  • Compatible with iPhone4S and later
  • Class 2 operation
  • Better than -80dBm input sensitivity
  • FCC certified: FCC ID: ED9LMX9838
  • Bluetooth SIG QD ID: B012394


  • 73x27x16mm
  • 36 grams


  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • 100 reading on fully charged battery
  • Charge trough micro USB


  • Material, aluminium


  • CE according to EN 61326-1:2006
  • LVD
  • FCC


  • +/-0.02 mg/L for alcohol concentrations up to and including 0.20 mg/L
  • +/-10 % of nominal concentration for alcohol concentration above 0.20 mg/L


  • Operating temperature 5°C to 40°C.
  • Humidity, operating up to 93 % RH


  • Three leds (green/red/yellow)
  • One button (on/off)
iBAC Detail

Product Video

Instructional Video

Smartphone Apps

Google Play AppStore

User Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AlcoSystems?

  • Alcosystems is an innovation company based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2007. The mission is to provide accurate breathalyzers in a small attractive package with mobile connectivity.

What is an iBAC?

  • iBAC is the worlds first extremely accurate alcometer with fuel cell technology and mini sized. It easily connects to your smartphone via the iBAC app that logs the results over the internet.

When do I need to calibrate my iBAC?

  • The iBAC unit must be calibrated every year and/or after 365 samples. The smartphone app keeps a record of this for you; when it is time for calibration you will need to contact the distributor, CMK Tech, for further instructions.

How much is it to lease an iBAC?

  • We currently lease the iBAC starting as low as $4.00/day, which is $122.00/month. We prorate one(1) month of usage and bill automatically on monthly intervals. The fees cover device use and monitoring services.

How can I buy an iBAC?

  • The iBAC is not available in North America for retail sales. It is only available exclusively through CMK Tech for lease.

How much are the smartphone apps?

  • The smartphone applications, currently available through Apple iTunes and Google Play, are free to download and use.

What if I loose my iBAC?

  • You are solely responsible for your iBAC while on lease. If your iBAC is lost or stolen during use, CMK Tech will charge your account a $499.00 device replacement fee. Be sure to purchase the Loss Protection Plan with your iBAC lease for just $5.00/month. This insurance covers you against theft and/or damage of your iBAC.