Our vision - Care Through Technology

CMK Tech, LLC is a bio-medical company specializing in the detection and transmission of analytical data from devices mandated (meeting the chain of evidence criteria) by government agencies and commercial industries. Since the passing of the Federal Highway Act of 2015, the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. Now with the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states and the increase in opioid abuse across the globe, governments are looking for devices to detect these chemical levels. The CMK team is composed of experts in these fields and is positioned to become the world leader in keeping our roads safe.

CMK is positioned to become the foremost company in the detection of controlled substances and regulated metabolites for real-time communication and reporting.

The Ultimate Goal: To product a simple test device that will be able to detect approximately 98% of illicit and addictive substances of abuse at the sensitivity levels established by the National Institute for Drug and the World Health Organization, while complying with the Federal and State rules of evidence.


Our philosophy

We believe in safe and responsible alcohol consumption and a healthy lifestyle as opposed to regulation. Through our work, we have an obligation to strive for excellence and offer the highest quality user experience for our clients, regardless if you are responsible for a recovery center or just want fact-based oversight on your alcohol consumption levels on a Saturday evening with friends.

Through our work, CMK has developed close relations with expert organizations working with alcohol-related issues such as rehabilitation centers, municipalities and government social services. The unique knowledge and experience of these institutions are vital in developing new solutions in treating alcohol-related diseases, making a real difference in the e-health and alcohol monitoring industry.

Our slogan is “Care through technology”. When the benefits of technology are applied through a human-centric mindset, the results help make a real difference to increase the quality of people’s everyday lives.



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