Health and safety

CarePLAN is the choice for organizations such as recovery centers and correctional facilities who need to monitor their patients or inmates while displaying care and support on the road to recovery.

Used by municipalities, recovery centers, and correctional facilities, CarePLAN is tailored to handle the patient’s or inmate’s recovery process in a safe way by ensuring their integrity and security while offering the administrator a range of functionalities to offer the best care possible.


The road to recovery

CarePLAN offers a comprehensive and flexible solution that aids recovery organizations in giving those on the road to recovery the best possible conditions to overcome their challenges.



  • Random & scheduled testing
  • Single & group options
  • Free number of tests
  • Messaging feature
  • Notes feature
  • Free number of users
  • Administration of roles
  • Free calibration of units
  • iBac unit included (during contract period)
  • iBAC Pro & iBAC Pro Group (smartphone applications)


In order to help citizens who have been unlucky or fared badly in life, municipal social services need reliable and safe tools. Alcosystems CarePLAN offers a comprehensive solution that enables flexibility while facilitating the work of probation officers.

The road to recovery is based on trust and confidence between the caregiver and the caretaker. Alcosystems CarePLAN enables recovery centers to monitor the patients sobriety in a non-intrusive and responsible way while being able to offer support and advice from a distance, e.g. during permissions and holidays.

Readapting to society can be difficult for inmates with addictions. During the recovery phase, the risk of relapse is always higher if alcohol is consumed. Monitoring sobriety when an inmate is on leave is therefore necessary for parole conditions to be met. Alcosystems CarePLAN offers safe, secure and easy to use monitoring functions which enhance the recovery treatment and a shoot at a new life. 


Single user option

The single user option is for remote testing in cases when the patient is not physically present at the recovery center, social services clinic or at the correctional facility due to leave, permission or holidays. The patient loans an iBac Pro unit and receives a signal on their smartphone Alcosystems Pro application when a test is due. The administrator can choose to schedule a time for a test or send a random call to test.

Hand out separate iBac Pro units to your patients. This small and portable unit is carried with the user and is connected wirelessly to the users smartphone via the smartphone application.

How to use CarePLAN in 5 steps - Single user

1. User receives signal to test on their smartphone application

2. User opens the iBac Pro Application on their smartphone and connects via Bluetooth to the iBac Pro Unit

3. User follows the instructions in the application and performs test (photo ID verification is taken in the application before test to ensure that the right user is taking the test)

4. Depending on configurations decided by the administrator, the user receives

a) the rest result directly in the application (blood alcohol content level) or
b) a message saying that the test has been completed

5. The administrator receives confirmation that the photo ID was correct and the test result. Only authorized administrators have access to this information.

Please note:

An accurate test cannot be performed directly after consuming alcohol. If the user has consumed alcohol before a test, he/she must rinse their mouth with water and wait at least 20 minutes before performing the test, otherwise, the result will be false.